Life in waiting…

Life is generally good. You sleep (instead of slumbering), you work to make a living (instead of living to work), you love a woman (instead of tolerating her), and you go on vacations (instead of going out just to eat as an excuse of leaving the house).

Of course all those things are the ideal, the dream. People don’t usually do those things for one reason or the other. If I may, people need to make their revolution. We have lost all meaning in our lives and are more and more transferring our dreams on our children, or even worse, abandoning them to something else, grandparents, day care stations, TV, computers…

Revolutions are not easy and do not happen over night of course. Young people in Greece work for very little money and tolerate it because there are 100 others that don’t have jobs that would gladly take this low pay job. What if no one got that job though? Would it be difficult to turn down? Of course. Would it make a difference though? I think so.

I started talking about life though, and how good it should be, as mine was these past few days. A five day trip to Syros with a friendly couple, then a happy circumstance that allowed for one more trip to Syros, this time with my girlfriend and the couple responsible for our introduction. All this in a frenzy to make up time for the year that is awaiting me in the obligatory military service in the Greek Armed Forces.

In a hurry to make up time I’m being driven to excess. More time spend with friends, loved ones, more nights out, more more more…

Life interrupted and all I will have will be memories and the dream of the eventual release from the army.

At least I met her… and that gives new meaning to life, and new hope…

6 thoughts on “Life in waiting…”

  1. Φίλε έπεσα τυχαία στο blog σου και θέλω να σε ρωτήσω εαν μπαίνεις μέσα τώρα ή αν τώρα τελειώνεις. Αν μπαίνεις τώρα και είσαι και Καλαμάτα pm.

    [Translation by admin]
    Pal, I just happened upon your blog and I’d like to ask you if you are going now or if you are finishing it. If you are going now and you live in Kalamata pm.

  2. hi m8

    sad to hear about that unfortunate turn of events but glad about the other news.

    life in the waiting…..
    you are wrong on that.

    life is always on the run, what you perceive as a dull day full of compromises is yet another day of your life.

    btw… dont talk about being a parent cuase you are not one… dont talk about raising children cause you dont even remotely know what its like…

    just keep talking about computers.. we all love you for that and if you still got this girlfriend of yours, talk and dream about her…. we might start loving you for that as well….

    and for once in your life substitute deep reasoning for every day life…. it may be easier and more productive.

    nice blog btw….

  3. I like your suggestion about the jobs in Greece. Clever. It could work.
    Maybe people could do the same for military service. (Right?)
    Good luck anyway…

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