When is time compression not wanted

My disapproval of X-Rebirth is not unknown to my friends or to the one person reading my blog. However it is now in the 4th version, where an expansion is rolled out, as well as some more enhancements and additions.
Those who did read my reaction to the launch of the game, remember that I was not surprised that SETA was gone, but I was greatly disappointed.
Egosoft had said that SETA will not be coming back. [it’s in the section ###### Feedback about feature requests: ###### ]

Well… in a video released on the 25th of February, I find that it’s back.

Not only is it back, but apparently some people even questioned WHY it was back, and Egosoft had to DEFEND their choice!

Version 4.0 also brings more things that were missing until now without knowing WHY they were missing, such “exotic” ideas as jumpdrive, being able to manage all of your ships on one page, and even Best Buy/Best Sell screen.

It took a year and a half to have back things that we already had in past games, and we are still missing things we had in X2 or X3 (or even the first X game: remember that from the first one, we were able to fly ANY ship in the game).

So I will re-install it… and check it out.

P.S. Why is this thing supposed to show how we can find hidden things on stations? WHO in their RIGHT mind would see this and know that he could fly through that????????

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