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Blog writers are not journalists, they are not geeks with too much time on their hands, they are not attention whores. What they are is not set. They are just people who want to write about what they think about, free of anyone that wants to monitor what they can write. It can be silly, serious, offensive, calming, smart or idiotic. It can be a journal or a place to keep what you might need later (like an index of stuff you don’t want to forget). A blog is not set in what it is, other that the fact that it is owned by one person (usually) and the words in it are the sole responsibility of the writer.

Welcome to my blog, where I can just as easily say “attention whores” as I can support the right to practice religion free from persecution.

-Just a personal diary of things that I'd like to share. If Internet is the democracy, blogs are the fora!