RedShark News – Why isn’t VR more popular?

Source: RedShark News – Why isn’t VR more popular?

The real limitation to VR is the never ending battle of studios to produce the new best something. We tried VR back in the days of 1024×768 displays as standard, when the GPUs of the time could not do this in 60FPS reliably and we needed the juggernauts of that time to have anything decent and not nauseating.
Here we are today, with the tech having caught up and capable of providing 120FPS at all these titles, but… oh wait… now nothing short of 4K is sufficient all of the sudden. And wouldn’t you guess it, only the juggernauts of GPUs can do 60FPS in 4K, and not in all titles.
VR will only be viable when we do not need juggernauts in our current generation of graphics processors. When the GPU we need for our VR is not an issue for performance, when all GPUs produce 120FPS in everything, THEN will we have the possibility for VR.

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