Double clutching

I just saw Vanishing Point, a movie that was released at 1971. It’s about a former racer that has a job of transporting cars across America by driving them himself. He gets a 1970 Dodge Challenger and makes a bet that he can make delivery in a very short time. Of course this is kinda hard without breaking a few laws and the police are on his back.

No matter what you think about the protagonist, and you have to see the movie before making up your mind about him, one thing is for certain. He can DRIVE!

There is one point in the movie that an obnoxious driver (let’s call him idiot) challenges him to a race, something our hero has no interest of doing, but then the idiot bumps our hero’s car off the road and laughs hysterically. We already know by now that our hero had a similar tragic experience when he was racing so that vexes him a bit. He does not get aggressive though, instead he just passes the idiot in a show of racing skill.

He double clutches his Challenger…

Now, most of people will know the term because they heard it in another movie, “The Fast And The Furious” but that term doesn’t apply in drag racing in another show of modern Hollywood trying to sound all technical and cool but being totally wrong and stupid in the process. Double clutching is all about downshifting, drag races are all about upshifting…

Point of interest: the “Vanishing Point” doesn’t tell you that a double clutching is happening, it just shows you, around the 25th minute of the movie. Those who know what that is understand and appreciate, the rest don’t understand. Modern Hollywood is telling you more to try to bring more people in, but they also tell you a lot of bull along the way…

To understand what double clutching is all about, read this wonderful post here.

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