My internet is back! Tuesday noon I got a phone call to my cell confirming that the line was fixed (although I saw that it was fixed when I woke up, but it was nice of them to call me). However I did not understand what the problem was, something about static packets on my line that were cleared!

I’m having a hard time believing that as it was explained. From what I know there can be no stuck packets on a line. So I’m guessing that they cannot explain it to me as clearly, even though I asked.

I finally thought that I was going to have a nice day when I got home, but at 2130 the Power Supply Unit gave out! It was so sudden that I didn’t know if it was the PSU that had died or it was a forced shutdown to prevent some damage to another part of the system. For the next 3 hours I tried to power up the PC but to no avail, so it was most probable that the PSU had been fried! Talk about bad luck…

So today, bright and early I walked in my local PCWorld branch (no laughing, I was desperate and there is no other PC vendor within walking distance) and got myself a Jeantech Storm 700W PSU. There was some debate with the technicians there whether it would support my two-molex X1950Pro AGP card which needed 20A on the 12V rail since only one of its rails gives adequate amperage (12V2 gives 25A while the other two give 16A and 17A). I was assured though that if I plugged it in and it didn’t work I could bring it back within 7 days.

When I got home I was a little baffled over which modular cable was being assigned to the 12V2 rail, the manual said nothing, so I just plugged it on the middle of the three available. Thankfully it worked and my VGA works great. Weird note: Jeantech’s description of the PSU on their site gives different amperages for the 12V rails and only shows two of them… I’m going to trust the box which shows all three rails.

Finally, it is always cool to be able to see just how many Watts your PC is eating, right now it is munching on 104W 🙂

3 thoughts on “News!”

  1. I need a Watt-meter too…is it your hardware that enables it or some specific software?

    I need to see how much watts my DL pc consumes.. 😉

    Also, now that we’re speaking about power supplies, I just rememberd what I wanted to ask you. My new motherboard requires an 8-pin connector for the CPU supply )12V I think) but the PSU gives a 4-pin one (might be 16 and 8, I don’t really remember, but one is half of the other). I’m guessing it is because of the potential support of Quad Core CPUs but I can’t know for sure. The system seems to run fine with the 4-pin, do you know of any way I can check?

    I have abit’s Voltage Meter installed (it’s called abit EQ) which shows all voltage values to normal levels (in between min and max that is).

  2. Well, first of all the Watt meter is stuck to the back of the PSU and is hardware and cannot be detached. So while it is cool, it is kinda difficult to see.

    As for the CPU rail, my PSU also has two 4pin connectors for multicore CPUs. I do not know what happens with you that you dont have both of them connected, check Task Manager to see if both cores work or not, if they do I’m guessing that the one connector gives power to both cores, but it would be better to have them both connected to spread the load.

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