The wind of soul change

Something interesting came up. Everyone knows that warlocks use soulstones, although most people don’t know how little they need. Used right a warlock will not need more than 5 or 10, ever. So the soulbags were always a curious thing for me. Why have a bag devoted to souldbags with room for 32 of them?

Well that issue now is moot. Soulstones are three, max, and they are not items, they are a resource visible in the screen and nowhere else, like the DK runes. But then what about the soulbags? This is the interesting thing! They are now plain bags.

The Knights of the Ebon Blade sell such a recipe for Abyssal bag, a previously soulstone bag that now is a 22 slot plain bag. Instead of the 4 moonshrouds and 4 ebonweave that the Glacial bag needs, this one needs 4 ebonweave and 2 spellweave cloth. Now I know what you think, spellweave is much more expensive. Yes, but that is not why I’m writing this.

I’m writing this because Abyssal bags do not have a crafting cool down and they too are 22 slot. Enjoy!

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